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About Alexander Doodis, Poet and Composer of Orchestral and Electronic Music

Alexander Doodis is the pseudonym and project of Alex Telman, one of Australia's leading spiritual healers.

I was born in Wroclaw, Poland and grew up in Melbourne, Australia before moving to Brisbane, Queensland. I hold degrees in Law, Arts and Education and have facilitated many workshops and seminars, and spoken to many groups of people as well as winning a number of poetry slams.

I have created the Doodis project to seperate my creative work from my healing practice. Doodis is especially known for his juxtaposition of classic concert orchestral music with modern electronic music. In addition to his musical output of over 500 music tracks (some of which have been for film, TV and other commercial projects) in over 30 albums, he has written hundreds of poems.

His best known compositions include the hypnotic single Hypnotic Dreams and the romantic album Cab Sav Diva. He best known poems include the haunting Twin Towers of Love, a tribute to the tragedy of Septembet 11, and his innivative collection Snapshots of People I Have Never Met. Doodis is in the process of setting to music many of his poems; see for example the poems and album, Art. Doodis is known both as a poet and composer and his reputation in both arts has continued to rise.

My poetic pursuits have been encouraged by the likes of Stanley Kunitz, Sydney Sheldon, Andy Warhol, Allen Ginsberg and Charles Bukowski; each of whom I had met during the 1970s and 1980s. Although slightly drunk, Charles Bukowsli bowed before me and pronounced that, "I am in the presence of a brilliant poet; it's a shame you will never be known,” referring to Doodis being a pseudonym and my decision to focus on my gift of healing. Allen Ginsberg sent me a number of poems before publication and we exchanged letters (yes, way before emails) analysing and discussing them.

Stanley Kunitz said to me, "Alex, you are a legend." It's a shame he wasn't referring to my writing :)

Apologies to Andy Warhol: In May of 1979 (London) you suggested I publish. You said my poetry will be 'great' when I get the 'Jewishness' out of it, when I can make my writing 'Universal'- sorry pal, but no can do. But I still remember your words to me:



Well my friend, I still cherish those words. Bless you.


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About Alexander Doodis, Poet and Composer of Instrumentsal and Orchestral Electonic Music from Brisbane Australia