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The poetry of Alexander Doodis

Please enjoy the poetry of doodis; one of Australia's most popular and widely read poets.

When the voice inside you screams, "YOU CANNOT DO IT!!!"
- that is the time you must sit down and write.

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Art, Parts 1, 2 and 3

Art 1

As the soul
becomes de-moralised,
As ideals
become starved of passion,
As love becomes
quite not enough,
As a banana peel
becomes compost,

Art 2

Art lies in the beauty
of an unfinished thought-
the prospect of sudden death
before its completion
fuels in the artist
the absolute value of life.

In one moment of sublime intensity
art turns me into a simple creature,
steering me from sterility
to orgasms of delight,
creating with in an immaturity,
and ALL creativity
is born of un-intelligence and un-reality,
and these moments,
alive in the spirit of Beauty and Faith,
provide me a simple glimpse into
moments of transparency
allowing me to embrace,
for one micro-moment,
the entirety of creation.

An artist has a mouth
that cannot spit,
a mind cramping
with frozen consciousness
that for one precious moment
explodes with fires of citrus,
destroying for that moment,
the artists illusion of perfection.
The perfect mind is
from the world,
has lost its sense of freedom, and
A perfect mind
cannot feel.

"Practice makes perfect,"
the art student is told.
But perfection is death-
O' Lord,
please forgive my perfections.

The artist is unhappy
because he does not realize he IS happy.


Art 3

The artist climbs mountains like an insatiable lover
climbing climbing climbing,
climbing to dreams of new beginnings.

The artist is the mad starving prophet of clumsy un-forgiveness
who appears when you disappear
who is silent when you screech your complaints
who is crucified when you talk of love and forgiveness
who, when he sees you climb your grassy hillock,
climbs mountains
to hear what you cannot hear
to see what you cannot see
to feel what you cannot feel
because of the day to day clutter of your
day to day mind;

and while you focus on the story
behind your never-ending story,
dulling the pain and living the dream
of your every day life,
the artist lives the torment
and re-lives the torment
with every stroke of his brush,
with every stroke of his pen.

(c) doodis



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