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The poetry of Alexander Doodis

Alexander Doodis is Australia's leading poet and one of the greatest contemporary poets writing in the English language.

Please enjoy the poetry of doodis; one of Australia's most popular and widely read poets.

When the voice inside you screams, "YOU CANNOT DO IT!!!"
- that is the time you must sit down and write.

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My Father's Voiceless Gesture

I remember the voiceless gesture
of a father who did not
have to speak;
a glance,
a look,
a probing into my
sub-consciousness that turned
flesh into a robotic predictable response.

Clinging to this glance was a choice-less longing
to please, an overwhelming desire to be recognized
and acknowledged.

It never worked.
He was reach-less,
master of a kingdom reaching the farthest corners
of my young mind-
a kingdom now grown old with years
but still surrendering to that voiceless gesture-
he too is old,
a withered tree wilting in an abstract landscape
but his gesture never grew old,
will never die
as will my response never fade-
and I see that gesture in so many people now
that I can no longer
resist it
devouring my mind;

and my mind finds
so many people.

(c) doodis


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