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The poetry of Alexander Doodis

Please enjoy the poetry of doodis; one of Australia's most popular and widely read poets.

When the voice inside you screams, "YOU CANNOT DO IT!!!"
- that is the time you must sit down and write.

A Selection of Poems by Doodis

The Pendulum of Christ

When I Die

The Twin Towers of Love

Excerpt from, "The Futile Struggles of I.M. Graves."

A Leaf in Winter

The Poet Is God's Liar

My Shadow

The Man in the Red Hat

One Moment in a Crowded Place

A New Dawn

A Stranger's Eyes

Sleeping with a Lacquered Box

Susie Paints a 6 x 8

Art, Parts 1, 2 and 3

Fog in the City of Lights

T.S. Eliot was Resting in my Head

My Father's Voiceless Gesture

All poems are (c) doodis

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